What's it like to work as an IT consultant at AUSY?

Are you specifically interested in starting a career as an IT consultant? Great! But what's the best way to define IT consultancy?

Oh boy, not such an easy question!

Eveline, one of our recruiters, will give you a clear overview of what it means to work as an IT consultant. She will also explain how AUSY commits to support and monitor its IT experts.

Eveline, let's start by defining IT consultancy.

Eveline: "Simply put: as an IT consultant, you're using your expertise to help our clients to support their IT department in the best possible way and to respond to their concerns. Since you're a specialist in a particular IT field, you're the perfect person for the job."

"When you become an IT consultant at AUSY Belgium, you will work, for us, on a project at one of our major clients. You will end up in a challenging environment (Telenet, Proximus, Medialaan, bpost, Brussels Airport Company... ). Such big clients often call upon a full-service IT company to fulfill their IT needs."

"So you will join the client's team. Often, some AUSY Belgium colleagues are already part of that team, so you will quickly feel at home!"

Hercules Trophy 2017


"It's also possible to start working at Solutions, our internal project team in Leuven, Brussels or Ghent. Together with those teams, you will work on digital projects for our clients. VRT, Tourism Limburg and Kom Op Tegen Kanker are only a few of our happy customers."

How long does a project usually last?

"That's a difficult question to answer. The fact is, however, that we mostly offer long-term projects. The advantage? You really know everything about your job, and you can bond with your colleagues."

"But since it's consultancy, you will, over time, be able to start working for another client on another project. That's a luxury. As soon as you feel like you're no longer learning new things, our account managers and recruiters do their very best to find you a new project."

"To summarize: you will end up in challenging environments, but at all times, AUSY Belgium will remain your employer. That allows us to keep supporting you and to offer you several career options. Definitely 2 of the biggest advantages."

How do we make this happen?

Eveline: "We commit to follow-up, training, and teambuilding. Those 3 aspects go hand in hand. As an IT consultant, you represent us at the client. Therefore, you must be able to keep developing yourself. But if you ask us, you can only give your very best when you're having a good relationship with us as your employer, and with your colleagues."


You can feel at home too!

If you're up for challenging IT projects and want to get better at what you do, then make sure to check our IT job offers.



Eveline: "Our team will carefully monitor you and will do everything possible to push your career in the right direction. You will be supported by the recruiter who hired you and our training officer, but also by your account manager. He or she will assist you in maintaining your relationship with the clients."

"Our other employees are happy to answer any practical question you'll have about, amongst others, your holidays, salary or car."

AUSY competence center


Why is follow-up so crucial?

Eveline: "Consultants mostly work at the clients' offices, so you don't see us every day. Good communication is essential. And that works both ways. Through emails, phone calls, face-to-face contact and nice chats during our events, we can connect. Conversely, it's also important that you know you can come to us when you have questions or problems.



Eveline: "Since IT consultants work with different clients, technologies, and problems, they learn very fast. Our Competence Center will support your learning process from day one by preparing a training program together with you:

  • Which projects and technologies do you find interesting?
  • What are realistic short- and long-term goals?
  • Which training and certificates add value to your project?"



Eveline: "We value togetherness. That's why we organize different events, so you can get to know all your colleagues."

AUSY events

Eveline: "On a regular basis, we welcome the entire AUSY team to fun events. For example, every year, we participate in the Hercules Trophy. But we also organize a yearly Family Day: in 2017, we all went to Bobbejaanland. And if you love playing computer games, you will definitely like our LAN Party."

AUSY event strandzeilen


Team events

Eveline: "Karting, laser shooting or kayaking: our account managers know how to relax! From time to time, they set up cool activities for our consultants and their team to participate in."

Tech Talks

Eveline: "During our Tech Talks, you get to know colleagues with similar interests. Every month, we invite an interesting speaker who makes sure you get to finetune your knowledge in an informal and relaxing way."

"Internet of Things, social engineering, next-generation firewalls or chatbots: you will definitely find a topic that interests you! Just add a tasty food truck and a cool drink, and it's an evening well spent."


And now it’s your turn!

Excited about IT consultancy and our approach? Browse to our job openings or send us a message. We would love to get to know you!

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