The ultimate X-mas wish list for geeks


The perfect doormat for IT'ers

Enter or escape, inside or outside. This doormat, which is almost too pretty to wipe your feet, perfectly reflects your geeky humor. And it will definitely make your friends insanely jealous!

My lunch box is better than yours

Can your thumbs still vividly recall the famous Game Boy, then you will absolutely like this lunch box. We're sure your sandwiches never tasted any better!

Head Up Display: much cooler than your current GPS

Getting your maps and directions right in front of you instead of on the side? That's possible with the Head Up Display, a car accessory that reflects the screen of your smartphone. Are you drooling already?

Forget about Wally, meet Wookie

Star War fans, pay attention! Scanning beautiful illustrations to look for Wally is so out. In the book Where's the Wookiee, you will be looking for Chewbacca. May the Force be with you!

Play the piano with bananas

MaKey Makey allows you to turn everyday objects into a touchpad. Lemons, plants, tinfoil or even ketchup, bring out your inner inventor. This movie explains how it works.

Retro controller with 200 video games

The 80's: it's not the hairstyles we're nostalgic for, but the video games! Police vs. Thief, PongPong or Toad in the Hole: thanks to this retro game controller, you can play as much as 200 arcade, sport, shooting or puzzle games.

What's better than Cluedo? Harry Potter Cluedo!

Thanks to the Harry Potter Cluedo Collector's Edition, you can impress during your next game night. Keep your magic wand ready and solve the mysterious disappearance of one of your fellow Hogwarts students!

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