Student life vs. work life: what's the deal?


Egghead or party animal?

While some students never miss a class (maybe except the one on Friday morning 9 a.m.), other students attend almost every party (#yolo). Lander always was more part of the first category, but also enjoyed the perks of the student life and the dorm life in particular.

Lander: "As a dorm student, or actually as a student in general, you have a lot of freedom. This lifestyle is hard to match once you start working. As a student, you decide what you're going to do, and when you're doing it. It's easy to spontaneously decide to hang out with your friends at night when you're still studying. That gets harder to do when you start working. And that's something I didn't expect."

"But when I think about it, it actually makes sense: you're not all living in the same city anymore, and you all have different responsibilities. Not only on a professional, but also on a private level."


Saturday night becomes the new Thursday night

You don't have to worry: your friendships will remain strong. Instead of using your weekends to drop off your dirty laundry at your parents' house or to study, you hang out with your friends. In other words: Saturday night becomes the new Thursday night. How mature!


Start of a new, but lovely phase of your life

Lander: "I quickly got used to the working life. At work, you come into contact with people who all want to reach the same goal. That's different at university or college: some people are just trying to find out if they're suited for higher education, which creates a certain atmosphere."

"I don't miss my student life. I truly like what I'm doing now. Moreover, it's nice to be on your own and live a stable life. In fact, your first job is an important first step. From then on, a new, lovely phase of life is just about to begin.


3 tips to be successful in your first job

On the one hand, you're looking forward to your first job, but on the other end, you're a little nervous. That's normal: you want to do it right from the start!

But how do you do that? We asked Jarne, who is a job coach, programme counselor, and trainer at Obelisk. Together with his colleagues, he assists companies and employees in change and development processes.

1. Don't sit back and watch

Jarne: "Getting your degree wasn't easy, but now, it's actually just getting started."

"In class on a Thursday morning, it seemed to be a good idea to hide from your professor so you wouldn't have to answer difficult questions. But at your new job, it's best to contribute positively. Speak up and adopt a proactive mindset."

2. Contribute to a pleasant working environment

Jarne: "To be honest: some days, you will spend more time with your colleagues than with your partner or family. That's why a pleasant working environment is pretty important. Make sure to approach your colleagues positively by communicating openly."

3. You don't have to panic

Jarne: "At university or college, your tasks and duties were clearly defined in a curriculum. That's not the case anymore. Try not to set too many long-term goals. Instead, try to set daily small triumphs. After a while, the big ones will follow!



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