Redesign of Twizzi, a matching platform for craftsmen


What is Twizzi?

Twizzi is an online market platform where customers and craftsmen can call upon each other regarding small construction jobs in and around the house. Customers can put their jobs online for free. They receive offers from different craftsmen in their region. After a free trial period of 30 days, the craftsmen pay a small amount of money to receive new assignments in their area and sector.


How do we help Twizzi?

We were more than happy to take responsibility for the entire redesign of the Twizzi platform. And we did a lot! But first things first: a UX exercise allowed us to drastically improve the user experience of the customers as well as the craftsmen. New wireframes and a new digital branding were a logical next step.

The entire platform is, of course, mobile friendly so that craftsmen can use their smartphone to:

  • Register
  • Receive new assignments
  • Follow up open offers

We provided the different screens and the new branding as a CSS style guide. The internal development team of Twizzi used this style guide to replace the complete front end of the platform.

Marketing automation to optimize emails

After we launched the website, our job was not done yet! We helped to optimize all the different email flows.

Our team created an entirely new onboarding flow: a series of personalized emails sent to craftsmen during their trial period, so they can find out more about the advantages of the Twizzi membership. Automatic emails are triggered on different moments during the user journey, based on concrete actions of potential members.

Quite a job! We didn't only create the flow. We also handled the graphical design and content of the emails.


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