Omnimut: modern website suited to personas

To approach the right target group, Omnimut created a few personas, all with their own needs and desires. One of the goals of the new website is to address those personas clearly. How? An important section of the website is "Situations de vie": an overview of the personas' priority actions.

More precisely, "Situations de vie" are defined situations that happen to families, (young) singles, the elderly ... and that often raise practical insurance-related questions. Do you need glasses, are you moving in with your significant other or do you require home help? The website provides all the necessary information for each situation.


From functional analysis to a user-friendly Drupal 8 site

We built the new website in Drupal 8. At first, Omnimut wanted us to use Sitecore, but it turned out that the functionalities of Sitecore were, in this case, too extensive. It would cause a lot of extra work for the content creators.

After we finished the functional and technical analysis, our Drupal development team got to work. 3 sprints and 3 demos later, the new website went live! Now, after the launch, that same team is providing technical support, like small adjustments or updates.

A lot of attention was paid to the user experience of the website. Apart from the section "Situations de vie" and the clear overview of their services, the map that lets you know whether or not the nearest office is open, is very user-friendly too!


Marketing and SEO services

We didn't just learn Omnimut how to use the CMS. We also configured Google Analytics and Google Search Console. That's right: next to technical expertise, we also help out our clients with implementing their strategic online marketing strategy!

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