‘Kom op tegen Kanker’: a uniform Drupal platform

AUSY Solutions, our internal project department in Leuven and Ghent, has been a loyal partner to ‘Kom op tegen Kanker’ for several years. Step by step, and project by project, we’re building a uniform Drupal platform together with ‘Kom op tegen Kanker’.

The latest achievement? The new website. High time to put our fantastic long-term collaboration in the spotlight. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be a joining as a developer, analyst or trainee soon too!

Before we delve into the details, first a really great fact: our team is responsible for the online payment page that is used so eagerly during the ‘Kom op tegen Kanker’ live show. Imagine being able to say you helped create it! Wouldn’t it be great to have such visibility?

New website with updated information architecture

‘Kom op tegen Kanker’ has grown rapidly over the years and undergone a number of organisational changes. The previous site’s information architecture and navigation structure, which we also built, were ready for an update.

Our team took care of the analysis, set up the wireframes and built a user-friendly Drupal 8 website. The site went live in November 2018 with lots of new features.


Homepage Kom op tegen Kanker


1. CRM integrations via RabbitMQ

The site was expanded with 15 CRM integrations with optimised workflows, among other things. Project Manager Jeroen explains: ‘With RabbitMQ, we created a kind of intermediate layer where ‘messages’ are sent, including registrations, brochure requests, orders, and so on. The CRM can retrieve all this information from the system at any moment.’

‘The CRM also pushes things in RabbitMQ, such as the “Kom op tegen Kanker” campaigns they want to publish on the site,’ continues Jeroen. ‘There’s no heavy synchronisation or API involved, the system is easy to monitor, and it works lightning-fast. In short, it’s the best solution for enabling integrations in two directions.’

2. Contact form linked to case management system

Visitors who want to contact ‘Kom op tegen Kanker’ via the site can now start by searching a user-friendly FAQ section: ‘If they can’t find an answer there, they can fill in a contact form,’ adds Jeroen. ‘People with a question first select the right categories in the form. The question is then sent to a case management system, which forwards it to the relevant colleagues.’

3. Central search index via Apache Solr

We didn’t make the website, but it is a ‘Kom op tegen Kanker’ product. It’s an independent source of information about cancer. It turned out that lots of people are mainly familiar with, and that’s where they went looking or information about breast cancer, for example. But of course this didn’t lead to them finding the right information.

How did we resolve this? Jeroen: ‘We created a single, central index via Apache Solr so now it’s possible to display the results from “Alles over Kanker” in the “Kom op tegen Kanker” search overview.’

Tailored Drupal training

The ‘Kom op tegen Kanker’ team performed a thorough review of its online content, which made good sense considering we were fully revamping the site’s structure.

Jeroen: ‘A couple of colleagues from “Kom op tegen Kanker” were given tailored Drupal training in our office in Ghent, which is how they learned to work with the CMS. This intensive collaboration also meant we were able to implement small improvements in the CMS at the same time, making the system even more user-friendly.’

Campaign websites: an overview

100km and 1000km for ‘Kom op tegen Kanker’

Runners completing a distance of 100km as a team of four, and cyclists riding 1000km together in a peloton over four days. These are the two events in a nutshell.

The interest in both events is huge, so there’s lots of work involved in organising and following them up. We organised the back-end in such a way that ‘Kom op tegen Kanker’ can easily manage the registrations, put the pelotons together, write up the reports, and so on.



Nooit meer binnen roken


No more smoking inside

This is how ‘Kom op tegen Kanker’ started 2016, with the main aim of keeping children away from tobacco smoke. They launched the '’Smoking inside is never OK’’ campaign to raise awareness.

‘Kom op tegen Kanker’ wants to use this campaign to stop parents from smoking indoors, even when the children aren’t at home. Our team built the entire website to do its bit for smoke-free homes and cars. The site uses various tools such as a quiz, a summary of tips, and the campaign trailers to raise visitors’ awareness.

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