7 tips to make your startup a success

Mike, Frederik, and Gijs: 3 men who, at a specific moment, decided to take that one particular idea to the next level. They established their own startup. Now, they're sharing 7 insider tips that help make every startup a success. Use them to do something great!


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About Gijs, Mike en Frederik

Gijs used to be Demand Manager at AUSY Belgium. He left to focus on his mission: helping brands get their stories told. Today Prezly is a fully bootstrapped, product first, distributed company with over 20 staff members and clients like Emirates, Samsung, IKEA, Volkswagen and ABC.

In an industry that likes profiles and boxes, Mike prefers to be the all-rounder, the generalist. Developer, project manager, team lead, scrum master, whatever you want to label it: he builds stuff and helps companies deliver better software.

Frederik is fond of sport, coaching and open source software. He’s the adventurous husband of a GP with a full-time job and 2 boys. So he needs to be efficient. He is consequent in this also on a professional level. Frederik is very analytical, goal-oriented and proactive. He motivates teams and maximizes their output. At the moment, Frederik is a Project Manager at AUSY Belgium for Flanders Information Agency and he strives for the digitization of the Government of Flanders by 2020.


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