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Interim Manager Inke and the SheDecides movement

Interim managers are often professionals with many years of experience in management functions in multiple sectors. At some point in time, they switch careers from executive/manager to freelancer. They typically want more freedom, independence, variation and the possibility to share their story and experience with others.

A successful interim manager is able to quickly switch between projects, deal with the insecurity of being a freelancer, sense and capture the company culture very fast, gain credibility, and is able to start in a moment’s notice.

Still interim managers are confronted with prejudices.

They are perceived to hop from one project to another, charge steep prices, and to show little social involvement.

Here at AUSY we see how our interim managers provide proof to the contrary every single day. They often use the experience they have gained to devote themselves to social projects alongside their job. That's why over the coming months we will be telling you the stories of Inke, Pierre and Marc. 

First up: Inke, interim manager at AUSY and advisor for the SheDecides movement

Who is Inke?

Inke has worked as a manager in various international positions for more than 25 years, primarily at large companies: sales management, strategy, transformation, etc. Seven years ago she decided to work freelance, and she was introduced to AUSY in 2017

Why did Inke want to work as a freelancer? She wanted to, between assignments, be able to dedicate time to the things that she is passionate about. Art, for example. 

Inke: “I have completed a successful career which spans more than 25 years. I think it is time to focus on things that are really important to me alongside my work. I consciously choose not to work full-time on assignments. I try to use the time that I have between assignments to contribute to society. Among other things to SheDecides.”


SheDecides was established when president Trump re-introduced the global gag rule in 2017,” says Inke. “At that moment, the US government froze a significant amount of funds for NGOs that facilitate access to family planning, contraception and sex education, amongst other things. This decision mainly impacts women in developing countries who didn't have easy access to these things to begin with.”

Inke continues: “SheDecides was founded by Lilianne Ploumen and Alexander de Croo in reaction to the global gag rule. It is a global movement that consists of different people (whom we call champions and friends) and organisations all over the world. Champions lead the movement in their own country.”

The immediate goal of SheDecides was clear: raise money to free up more funds and compensate for the frozen US funds. But now the movement works together with local organisations to fight for women's rights in general. They want to safeguard a woman's autonomy over her body, her life and her future.

A group of women from the SheDecides movement

Using experience to assist the guiding group

What does Inke do at SheDecides? Based on her experience as a transformation manager, she assists the guiding group of champions. She establishes strategies for better collaboration and effectiveness of the guiding group. She also defines with the team, which best practices are needed to get the guiding group and the young champions lead the movement as effectively as possible.

Inke: “The experience that I gained in my career as an interim manager is extremely useful. I have offered various leadership and governance frameworks to very diverse teams in different organisations. I can provide coherence and consistency within the guiding group.”

According to Inke, the distance in this project is a big challenge: “Our members are spread all over the world, so we don't see each other in person very often, and now even less because of Covid-19. Therefore, we need clear guidelines.”

Giving back to society

“It gives me great satisfaction that I can share the knowledge and experience that I gained in the workplace and contribute to such an important project,” says Inke.

“I enjoyed a good education. I have grown up in economic prosperity and have been able to fully develop my potential . I was given the opportunity to make my dreams come true. If you are in such a privileged position then, in my opinion, you should definitely give something back to people who have the same capabilities but cannot realise their potential because they were born somewhere else and have fewer opportunities. I want to help restore that balance, step by step.”

Are you impressed by Inke's experiences and curious about Pierre and Marc's stories? Well then be sure to keep an eye on our website!

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