Hydraulic Designer Wesley is getting combine harvesters ready for harvesting

What have AUSY and combine harvesters to do with one another? In a nutshell: Wesley, Hydraulic Designer and Key User for the top class of combine harvesters at CNH: “I receive a lot of trust. Both from AUSY and from the customers. “I've already had quite a few opportunities and I’ve always grasped them with both hands!”

“My first opportunity? To start at AUSY, then Randstad Professionals. I went to night school to study technical drawing, among other things. I was given an interview and after a short training course I was allowed to start in Ghent. And after more than six and a half years, I still like it here.”

The job

Wesley is passionate about his job. You can tell by the way he talks about it. “What I like most is the variety. There are two sides to my job. As a Key User, I have a lot of contact with consultants and help them where necessary. After the initial training courses I also continue to support them. As a Hydraulic Designer I trace out everything. It's really nice if your work is still being used years later.”

Hydraulic Designer?

What exactly does that mean, Hydraulic Designer for combine harvesters? “If an extra hydraulic feature has to be added to a combine harvester, it passes through our team first. “The first thing we do is find somewhere to fit it. The combine harvesters are already very full, so sometimes it is necessary to devise creative solutions. You have to take account of the budget, but also the limitations of the tube benders for the piping.”

“When everyone is satisfied with the positioning, we see how the pipes can be connected and draw everything in 3D in Creo. We produce several drawings which we then test on a machine. These test machines are then adjusted where necessary. We often have deadlines, especially at the moment, because those combine harvesters have to be ready to harvest this summer.”

And Key User?

“When CNH switched to Creo, someone was needed to train the colleagues. I then gave a training course and in that way sort of rolled into that job. Guiding new AUSY consultants, spelling out the rules, explaining specific applications that are only available at CNH, providing PCs and so on. It’s very nice to win that trust.”

Under pressure

In order to successfully complete the assignments, you need to be flexible and remain calm under pressure. “When you’re working on products in development, you have sometimes been drawing something for weeks and then components change just before the deadline. Sometimes even after the deadline! It’s beyond your control and then you have to start again.”

“For me, that’s creatively important. That and the variety. That is why I also accepted AUSY’s offer: you have the opportunity to get to know several firms if you want to. Suppose that I find one rather disappointing, then I can move to another customer. But I feel so comfortable here that I still haven’t changed.”

“As a new consultant you have to take account of the fact that there are sometimes projects that only last a few months. AUSY does provide job security in this respect.

What does the future hold?

“My idea is to start here as an On Site Team Coordinator. That would mean that I would have more of a steering function and could coach people. If the assignment and the customer grow, that’s an option for me. I would really like to develop. Preferably as a coach or as a project manager.”

Wesley is also positive about the evolution of the technology. “The sector is becoming increasingly automated. I expect that combine harvesters will also soon drive autonomously. There are already a number of tractors that drive independently. That is also the future for combine harvesters. It is certainly important that we incorporate sufficient safety elements. For example, that they only drive autonomously on fields.” There is still a lot of work to be done!

Are you looking forward to that, too?

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