AUSY recruiter Maud, Danielle and the banking sector: a perfect match

A perfect match - don’t worry, this is not an article about an AUSY dating app. What we want to talk about is Maud’s enthusiastic recruitment style and Danielle’s drive to build a career in financing. Dive in!

Maud, what do you have to offer clients and candidates as a Sales and Recruitment Consultant? 

“I am the SPOC (Single Point Of Contact) with regards to recruitment & selection for our important customers in the banking and insurance sector. My goal is to create a confidential relationship with them. I am able to introduce the best candidates to our clients because I keep up with the most recent developments in different companies.” 

“I also strive to build a good relationship with my candidates, even if they eventually get a steady job with the client. I love helping them in the search for their dream job. Because I already know the clients, it is easy for me to prepare the candidates for the interview. I also believe it is important to give them specific and honest feedback.”

And what if that feedback isn’t very good?

“Even then I want to make sure the candidate feels at ease. Maybe this specific function isn’t working out for them, but that doesn’t mean that the candidate isn’t suited for another position. I want everyone to be happy with their job.”

“For example, the other day I read an application from someone that actually wasn’t suited for the job, but who did write a very impressive motivation letter. I took the time to explain this to him. For me, this is also part of a positive candidate experience.” 

How did you experience this from a candidate’s point of view, Danielle?

“I immediately liked Maud. She’s very open and I felt I could trust her. From the start, I knew she would be a good ambassador for me. Because that’s what she would do: represent me in my next function. She was already familiar with the client’s expectations, and could estimate whether or not I would fit into the company culture.”

What convinced you to come work for AUSY?

“For me, the fact that AUSY serves as an intermediary is definitely an added value. It makes it easier to approach large companies. I believed that AUSY could provide me with many opportunities.”

“I had little experience in this sector, and I definitely didn’t have any experience in the job I have today. All I needed was a chance to explain: Why did I want this job? Why did I want to start anew at my age? Why did I want to travel less and work in Ghent?” 

It’s safe to say you completed your mission, because today you work as a Customer Coach at a bank. What does your day look like?

“I am the first person the client sees when he walks in. I deal with many questions and problems, but I also clarify some matters, open accounts for example. I schedule appointments for my colleagues and I keep up with the mailbox.” 

“My commercial talents don’t go to waste either: when a prospect walks in, I need to estimate whether he would be a good fit for the bank or not.” 

Why did you want to work in this sector?

“Just name a sector and I’ve probably worked in it! I have a background in sales and management and have always chosen to go from sector to sector. This may seem strange, but it’s a real challenge. After all, you have to learn about the competitors, the products and the services every time you dive into a new sector.”

“I feel that the digitization in the banking sector, among other things, is what makes this job interesting. Everything is changing so quickly, and I honestly think that my employer wants to do everything in his power to be the best of the best. This alone is enough reason to want to work for a bank like this one. I don’t want to be average, I want to be the best!” 


You and banking, also a perfect match?

Go for an interesting career in the banking sector! Our recruiters will find the perfect job for you.

It’s obvious you feel right at home! Maud, how do you guarantee this cultural fit?

“It’s important to get to know the client’s DNA. I regularly visit my clients, but I also keep in touch with them via phone and email. In this way, not only do I get the updates I need, I also get an opportunity to find out where their priorities lie. The client’s website also provides me with a lot of information. Finally, I make sure I contact the candidates after they’ve been working for a while and check in on the corporate culture and atmosphere.”

“As I’ve said before, I strive to get to know my candidates. This also means that I get a good idea of how well someone would fit into an organisation. I always ask the candidates what their dream job would look like.”

And what was your answer to that question, Danielle?

“I want a job that makes me happy and gives me energy. This desire matches with the corporate culture at my current job. We are one big company, but also one big family. We all work towards the same goal.”

“AUSY motivated me to start the job. Maud was very honest, so I always knew what was happening during the interview. No unnecessary stress and a clear understanding of the progression!”

To conclude: what does the future hold for you?

“I have high expectations for the future! My current employer gives his staff every opportunity to grow. If you have ambition, you can reach your goal.”

“As Customer Coach I am the face of the bank. I stand between the client, the banker and the specialist. In the future I might like to specialise in something myself. I’ll see what happens, for now I am still figuring everything out. It’s true that you’re never too old to learn!”

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