Analyst Developer Gert: “My job is a hobby that got out of hand”

Some people were born for their job. So too Gert, Senior Analyst Developer, who could program almost before he could read and write. At the age of 10, he was already making games and a music library in Qbasic, and the passion for code has never diminished.

Gert has already been working at AUSY (formerly DataFlow) for 12 years. “I had a job interview with one of the founders of DataFlow. The company then had about 50 employees, so even the ‘big boss’ conducted job interviews.”


From the huge range of IT jobs, Gert resolutely opted for AUSY. “I had already built up some experience as a developer, but I certainly wanted to grow further. And that’s possible here. You are offered training courses and the opportunity to learn about new technologies or projects. Even after 12 years, I’m still quite at home here. In view of the turnover in the IT sector, that really means something!”


“I was contacted by AUSY because they had some projects for which my profile was very suitable. What won me over was that I could choose for myself which project to work on. Not necessarily an easy choice, because there were a lot of attractive projects among them. That’s actually the most important thing for me: a project I'd like to work on.”

“When a project comes to an end and I'm allowed to start something else, I can always say what I'd like to work on. And my opinion is taken into account. My preference is for the financial sector; I find the stock market and investments extremely fascinating. A project in that direction appeals to me the most.”

Thousands of users per day

What is Gert proud of most? The result. That there are thousands of users of the software that he has worked on, from analysis and programming to occasional support.

I'm currently working on Bolero, KBC’s investment application, but I also worked on the online banking apps for BNP Paribas in Belgium and France and for Hello Bank. The awareness that thousands of people use the applications you’ve worked on every day gives you a good feeling.”

My advice?

Patience, perseverance and nowadays also flexibility. That’s what you need according to Gert. “The end of my studies is still the most important milestone in my entire career. It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s very rewarding when all your efforts eventually turn out to be a success.”

What does the future hold? “I am very much looking forward to the future in the field of science and technology, in which computer science will play a crucial role. I hope to be able to develop and work on fun and interesting projects at AUSY for many years to come!”

Are you looking forward to that, too?

We will be happy to help you in your search for an innovative challenge. Be sure to browse through our IT vacancies and find a job that’s right for you.

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